Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Post: Welcome

Hello! Welcome! So what will you find on my blog? 

Having a blog enables you to get to know me better. Hopefully that will mean understanding my paintings better too.

I’ll use this Blog page to talk about my different paintings. For example, some of them I did while traveling - I actually send my supplies ahead to wherever I’m going if I’ll be there long enough. More on that…

I’ll talk about my first long term teacher. How she loved nature and how she changed my life because of the way she painted and the way she taught.

I’ll update you on shows I’m doing; where you can find my paintings. For example

Currently I’ve got 3 paintings at

NewTV: The theme of the show is FREEDOM.
The paintings I chose are of leaves floating in the wind. The show comes down mid November. Go and see it - you’ll find all sorts of artists’ interpretations of Freedom. NewTV is located on Easy Street next to National Lumber in Newton. Go to the top of the hill.

I also have a painting in Mayor Setti Warren’s office in  Newton City Hall. The theme for this show is Reminders of  Summer. I’ve chosen a really softly colored painting of hydrangeas.

You can see 10 of my giclees in Hyde Park in Tierney’s Real Estate Group.

Stay tuned, I’ll be talking about more personal things in my life which have affected my painting:  my grandmother, my teacher. Both very special women! 

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  1. I have a couple over at the mayor's office too!! Nice to meet you Anita!