Friday, December 21, 2012

More on Giclees - and Peace

Hello and Happy and Merry!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday time.

I wanted to share some exciting news. My fine art reproductions, Giclees, (look at my last blog) will be hanging in the Brookline Bank - Newtonville, MA branch - beginning around the first week in January.

Brookline Bank and The New Art Center in Newtonville collaborate and the New Art Center chooses art to hang in the bank. The Center is a wonderful place, with art exhibitions and classes and very talented teachers and exhibit curators. It is really the Art Center of Newton! And Brookline Bank supports local art through this collaboration.

....and while I'm talking about art, please visit Limited Editions in Newton Highlands, Newton MA. My unframed (and framed) Giclees are there for sale. In case you don't know this wonderful shop, it sells quality handmade gifts, jewelry, art, glass, pottery, clothing. Jo-Ann Freedman who owns the shop has carried my greeting cards for many years. But this is the first year my Giclees are in the shop. Check them out - they're affordable quality art prints.

I hope 2013 will bring us all Peace. The world seems to be getting more and more complex. Peace would be very welcome.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is a Giclee?

You've probably heard the word Giclee (gee clay') if you have met artists who offer high quality reproductions of their original work. And so many people ask me "what is a giclee?"

Even though the word is French, it's not some obscure French printing process. What they are: Giclees are very high quality prints made from extremely high resolution scans or digital photographs, printed on archival (museum quality) paper using archival inks.
Because the resolution is so high, (many pixels to an area) the possibility to reproduce fine art in an archival quality manner is possible. The high resolution allows for almost endless variations and nuances in colors. So the print is  amazingly true to the original - colors, textures - and look almost exactly like the original.

In my case, I use a high quality professional printer to do my reproductions; it's sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between the original and the giclee!

My Giclees are signed and numbered in limited editions, as fine art prints.

For my original watercolors I often use hand-made paper or very fine watercolor paper from France or Italy.

Many people who are looking for fine original art, but don't want to or can't  buy the original (it might be sold), might consider a signed, limited edition archival Giclee.

 If you are interested in my work and want to know more about my originals or Giclees, all questions and comments are welcome.


My Art Reception at Marblehead Arts Association

Hi Everyone,

I do wonder who is out there reading my blogs - if you read these - it would be great to let me know if you have been on my site. Just comment from the Blog, or go to the Contact page on the site and leave me your information.

I wanted to remind you that I have two pieces in the Marblehead Members' Show and the Reception is Sunday, December 9, tomorrow, from 2-4.

The show is in a beautiful old New England building and worth the trip. The address is 8 Hooper Street - the Arts Association is in the Hooper Mansion which is the building I told you about! If you use Google Maps to find it, you'll find that it's a straight shot on 1A North, which is an extension of the Mass Pike East. If I didn't get lost, no one will get lost! Driving time from Newton is ~50 mins.

Lots of artists' work is in the show - many, most are very talented.

I've been joining Art Associations to connect with other artists and so that I can show my work - hopefully sell, but get my work connected to my name and have people recognize it.

It's not hard to recognize it, especially if you like it, because if you look at the site, you'll see I have a certain style I have developed over the years.

I hope I'll see you - whoever you are - at the Reception tomorrow afternoon. It'll be a really nice Holiday event. Find me if you come!

Oh by the way, I have had very good luck selling custom sized Giclees to various people who saw my work at the last Newton Open Studios show.

My next Blog will be explaining about Giclees!! Tune in.

Meanwhile, have wonderful, Healthy Holidays.