Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Exhibit in Newton City Hall

The Newton Open Studios' exhibit is up and ready to be viewed!
There is a revolving show in Mayor Setti Warren's office in Newton City Hall. I'm proud to be one of the artists. When you're in Newton just stop by and view the show! There is always art on the walls because Mayor Warren is a great supporter of Newton artists. I understand that he loves us having our art gracing his office walls and adjacent hallway.

This exhibit presents new work of the artists. I did this Magnolia painting in summer 2013 from photographs I took of magnolia trees. Where? In the parking lot of my dentist's office.  I saw a gorgeous magnolia in bloom and knew I had to paint it.

I wonder if my dentist knows that there is a spring 'bonus' in the parking lot!

Just think, spring isn't far away...hmm the weather forecast for New England is snow for this weekend. Well, we can look forward to longer days beginning December 21st.

Happy Spring Thoughts, for now.

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