Saturday, April 19, 2014

Solo Exhibit at Marblehead Arts Association

Hello to Everyone

Welcome to Spring. It has finally arrived. Even though it wavered a bit with April snow...

My watercolor below is called 'Private Conversation' (notice the two tulips on the right in conversation, gossiping).  I guess the painting is my way for wishing for 'real' tulips to bloom.  The conversation going on between these two tulips was, of course,  an accident - like so many other wonderful 'accidents' that happen with watercolors.

My new solo exhibit, 'Nature's Portraits', is opening  Saturday April 26 at
The Marblehead Arts Association.  It will run until June 8. The Reception is Sunday April 27 from 2-4.  Please join me in Marblehead.

There are 5 other artists at the MAA, each with a solo show.  Each of us has his/her own gallery. I will probably have about 14 pieces in my show. Watercolors and pastels. I spent a lot of time making sure that the framing really was right for each painting. Hope I succeeded. Come to the reception and let me know!

The MAA is housed in a beautiful old mansion which has many rooms. Each room with it's fireplace has been transformed into an art gallery. What an interesting and historic venue for an art exhibit!

Visit and say hello on the 27th - take a beautiful drive to the historic area of Marblehead, have some delicious food, enjoy quality art from several artists.

8 Hooper Street  Marblehead.  50 min. drive from Newton, where I live. Less from Boston!